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One of the key pillars of financial planning is risk planning. Risk planning involves the use of life insurance and general insurance to transfer our daily personal as well as commercial risk to Insurers.

Life Insurance Planning is not only about planning for the eventualities of death or permanent disablement but also in the event of critical illnesses and hospitalisation. It is often said that Life Insurance is bought not because someone will die but because dependants will need to continue living. As death and illnesses is often a morbid subject, Life Insurance is more often sold than bought. Thus the need for Life Insurance Agents and Advisers.

The role of Life Insurance Agents and Advisers is to advise the prospects the needs for life insurance and to help them make an informed decision on the choice of product. In addition, the Life Insurance Agent or Adviser will provide continuous service and advice through regular communication with the clients.

The career of a Life Insurance Agent or Adviser is both a challenging and rewarding one. Challenging because there is a need for continuous education and also a need to constantly bring in the sales through continuous activities. But it is also rewarding because of the satisfaction of providing emergency funds to individuals and families when most needed as well as the remuneration from this career. Life Insurance business also offers many opportunities for self improvement, personal growth, as well as various recognitions in the industry.

At Wings Alliance Sdn Bhd, we provide holistic training in the areas of sales as well as technical knowledge. We also provide field training and client management through our administrative and software support.


The general insurance career has been around for a long time. General Insurance is ever present in our daily life for example, car insurance, fire insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance, home ownership insurance, and burglary insurance just to name a few. As such general insurance advisers and agents are needed to bring these services to the public.

The business of general insurance basically involves approaching prospective clients for their insurance renewal dates and following up with them when the insurance falls due. Very often the advisers or agents will also be needed to provide advice for other covers and to suggest options. As long as the advisers and agents continue to provide prompt service and updates, clients usually remain with them for a long time.

Based on this, opportunities abound in the general insurance business as this is a much needed service.

At Wings Alliance, we provide administrative support systems, and training, as well as field work to help you develop your business. In addition, our partner insurance companies also provide various support and incentives to help you succeed.


Estate Planning involves advising and helping clients to prepare their distribution of assets in the event of death. It may also involve setting up Trusts to benefit loved ones even while alive.

This is a relatively untapped market as many people still do not possess a Will or Trust. While estate planning is a relatively straightforward process, the adviser should possess an abundance of empathy and patience. The knowledge would be provided via a 2-day training programme. Field training will be provided.

Remuneration is attractive and the job rewarding.

Upon receiving a referral or a call from a prospect, an appointment will be made. This initial appointment is usually a ‘get-to-know’ session where the prospect is briefed and a fact-finder is provided. The second meeting would usually involve a detailed discussion of the information in the fact-finder. If all’s well, a draft Will will be prepared for the client’s confirmation, before the final document is drawn up.

With proper training and guidance, estate planning can be a lucrative career for a person with an outgoing personality. Estate planning is a continuous learning process.