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Financial Coaching vs Financial Advice ... Financial Advisors want to manage the wealth you already built, whereas Financial Coaches help you build wealth in the first place.

Find out why traditional financial advice has failed, and how coaching makes up for that.

About the only thing financial advice and financial coaching have in common is the word "financial".  They're as different as night and day.

Financial advice focuses on your portfolio by providing specific securities and investment advice.  The financial advisor business model is all about managing the money you already have.  You give them control of your assets and they do the work for you.

Financial coaching is different.  It focuses on your education, growth and decision making process so that you master wealth building skills.  The coaching business model is all about helping you build wealth in the first place.

You remain in control by learning how to manage your money smarter and make better informed investment decisions.

In other words, financial advice gives you a fish, while financial coaching teaches you to fish so that you can have all the fish you want for the rest of your life.

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Managing Director /      Financial Coach

  I'm not telling you it is going to be easy,   I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

Financial Coach

We take pride in developing 'bridges' or 'plans' that allow our clients to move from their present situation to their future financial goals.

ONG HAN KEONG Business Associate

Continuous learning will ensure we are never left behind in our journey towards financial success.

Business Associate

When I am possible,  nothing is impossible. 

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Internship in Financial Coaching

Learn about how the industry operates and how closely it relates to your daily lives. 

Kick start your career in the financial industry with us

What Is Financial Coaching? by Dr Michael Collins

What Our Clients Say

I can never deny that having sufficient and complete protection is important,  but it has to be based on my family’s needs and abilities.  We do have other financial avenues to take.

We need someone who is able to review our insurance portfolio and advise us based on our current and future needs.

Mr Jason Lee

We sincerely thank Wings Alliance for putting in the effort to review our insurance portfolio, going through our cashflow, exploring our investment portfolio and also guiding us in wealth distribution.  Now we have sufficient protection by paying 60% less in premiums,  unlocked our dead assets of  RM350,000 and reduced our liabilities of RM200,000.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to meet Ms Lim Pei Wen and her team.


Mr & Mrs Michael Ong