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Most financial coaches use a wealth planning model based on the different phase of the financial cycle. Generally, the 3 key areas are wealth protection, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution. These represent the conservation phase, growth phase and finally the distribution to beneficiaries.

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I can never deny that having sufficient and complete protection is important, but it has to be based on my family’s needs and abilities. We do have other financial avenues to take. We need someone who is able to review our insurance portfolio and advise us based on our current and future needs. 

Mr Jason Lee

We sincerely thank Wings Alliance for putting in the effort to review our insurance portfolio, going through our cashflow, exploring our investment portfolio and also guiding us in wealth distribution.  Now we have sufficient protection by paying 60% less in premiums,  unlocked our dead assets of  RM350,000 and reduced our liabilities of RM200,000.We are glad that we had the opportunity to meet Ms Lim Pei Wen and her team.

Mr & Mrs Michael Ong